My Encouragement!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I will Miss my Valentine

I wait for your call
talk till the time you say ' i need to sleep'.
I ask if i can help
when even in brief distress you be.
I wake up in the middle of night
to listen the complaints if you can't dream.
I laugh even on your saddest joke
so a smile on your face i see.
I take your moods & I take your anger,
I hold you close and say 'I am here'.
I adjust my schedule when
you ask me to be there.
I know exactly how to take your care.

I love you with bits and pieces
of my heart,
so much that my day starts with your thoughts
and ends by missing not being besides you.
If i could just cut the distance
you could see how much you mean to me
and how silently i shed my tears
as its Valentines and nowhere near are you to me!


  1. Every word expresses a longing and deep pain. Well written and very touching indeed!

  2. Awww..its just another day Sneha, cheer up :*