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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Not once I said Be Mine

Not once i looked back on him
Not once i tried to know how he'd be doing
Not once i wished him a last good bye
Not once i gave him a thoughtful smile...

Not once did i try to hear him out
Not once did i let out my anger and shout
Not once i said 'stay i need you now'
Not once i confessed i loved him somehow.

Not once did i reply his mail
Not once did i explain my hurting tale
Not once i held on to those tears
Not once i confronted him with my fears.

I let him go
I helped him disappear
I watched him be someone else's shine
and i stood by holding on to my aching heart
to fault over someone who from
beginning was never mine...


  1. Its just morning for me and read it, feels really touching. Nicely done :)

  2.'s very pining to read a poetry like this...

    "not once did a person feel how he/she would live in this world without his/her beloved...if they did they would have never let them go away"

  3. Superbly written - you write from the heart.
    Keep penning such wonderful emotional pieces.
    Vikram Karve
    Academic and Creative Writing Journal Vikram Karve

    1. thats so beautifully written! :) will look forward for more such writings

  4. Heart-wrenching. Inexplicable pathos in your poems touch a chord in my heart.

  5. It reminds me of the favourite quote,"I you love someone set him free, if he comes he is yours, if he doesn't he never was!"

  6. Wow... i liked the flow ! it was well executed !

  7. Oh this is so very disturbing--your thoughts expressed so eloquently,they touch the heart.

  8. koi na jaane kya wo rahas hai... u flow even if he is there either ways... and thats the magic of this concept called LOVE...

  9. You have captured the essence of many one-sided love stories.

  10. Freaks Sneha... You had me hooked from the very first line... :)

  11. Simply written and effective in expression of her love towards him. :)

  12. If you never said be yours he won't be yours. That too after avoiding him. He has tried his best. So its a natural thing to happen. No meaning in crying over it.

    No hard feelings intended. An open opinion.

    1. no hard feelings taken.. its your opinion.. i respect it :)

    2. but read the last line.. from beginning he wasn't mine.. no use telling someone you love them when they are already someone else's