My Encouragement!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

You Have No Rights

He played with my hair.
I stopped him and said
'Go away
you have no rights'.

He swayed my skirt off high.
I stopped him and said
'Leave me alone
you have no rights'.

He gently placed his lips on mine
to make my wet tongue dry.
I pushed him back and said
'You lost me
you have no rights'.

He wrapped me in his arms
to freeze my every nerve.
I cut loose his cold hold
said 'Back off
you have no rights'.

He stood still and calm,
He looked with a craving eye.
I said 'Leave alone a suffering heart.
Oh Wind !! don't play.
You sense the cold and faded,
Let this lonely heart just wither away'!!!


  1. Wow, that was beautiful. And the picture is simply perfect!

  2. Very interesting lines. They titillate and tease before making one feel a kind of sympathy for the lonely soul.

  3. simply awesome :) :)

  4. Beautiful post.. the last bit was awesome..