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Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Romantic encounter

She didn't sleep that night. She was too excited, too happy with hundreds of thoughts racing her mind. Her heart never thumped this loud and her stomach didn't seem to have so many butterflies before. He had captured her mind, nothing could shake off the nerves she got in his presence. He texted "Just twelve hours baby. Sleep well."
          It was a four hours journey to his place. She lied to world about her whereabouts. No one had to know. It was not supposed to be jinxed. She reached his place and knocked his door. He opened the door "Quick, get in. Before the neighbors see you here." She hurried in. He stood there chatting her up with the usual routine. She removed her sweater. She brushed her hair and he came close. His face right up to hers. His nose rubbing hers. He gave her that look, the look where he knew he possessed her, he knew that every inch of her heart echoed his name. She loved that look, she didn't have to prove him how much she loved him. He picked her up and pushed her against the wall. He gently tapped his lips on hers. He then went deep in her throat, caught her hand held it tight and pushed her to the wall more. She could barely breathe. Her thoughts disappeared. Her legs weekend. She completely leaned on him for more.  He stopped on a sudden, stared at her for two seconds,kissed her on her forehead. "Wasn't this your idea of a perfect kiss?" he asked. In too much of a high she just nodded. "I will make you a cup of coffee. You have the softest lips." he said and left. She stood there leaning on the wall trying to memorize the entire kiss as it happened. So perfect she still could feel him even moments after it was over.


  1. Just a thought...why was she so much in love with someone who was too embarrassed to publicly accept her? Someone who asked her to quickly rush in before neighbors saw, as if there love was something not right.

    1. its not about not being right.. its about strangers making a fuss about things!! :)

  2. It has makings of a scandalous romance. I like it, yeah!

  3. i get it alright...the 4 hrs journey...for him...and then the making the knees go weak kiss. Passionate moments narrated aptly. Let's not get into the nitty gritty of things and give it any name. Would want to know what happens next...:)

  4. carried away in ur narration so will use up another box to say...Thank u for promoting my post. :)

  5. This has making of a M&B story:)

  6. thats so romantic...reminds me of sumthing... :( cant such moments stop der forevr?? :(