My Encouragement!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Be a Friend!!

You matter cause i let you
You talk cause i listen
You call cause i pick up
You care cause i make you.

So loving me is not a responsibility
And being there is not an obligation
Making me feel i am the one in need
is not what i had asked for

The deal was to be more than friends.
The deal was to just be present.
No questioning, no doubts,
no disappearing, no resent.

I don't love you.
I don't ask for commitment.
I don't want you to be the mistake.
Be a friend,
To be one stand up when it takes!!


  1. sure, love is not a deal; it can never be. like the poetry

  2. its not your day,your week or even your year....but il b there for you....cause ur there for me too:)

  3. Well..wish there were relationships without expectations or name and only with commitments , in abundance . And he/she would learn that art would not consider anyone special.. :)
    Sorry for a spiritual or you can say a philosophical (yet practical approach) towards a lovely narrated human much inculcated inside us ... craving for more ... and wanting back in return ...
    but thats human ... this is the only fuel which charges human beings to love or do something special for only one or a few .... if we conquer these painful yet soothing laddish emotions .. we would come to stage when we would ourselves be friends only to all.. and everyone !!
    I loved your lines the way u have expressed and hence got instigated to end up commenting this big !! :) Nice work Dr Sahiba !!

    1. thank you!! if only people could keep life that simple

  4. I loved the pics youve used to depict the motion.I loved the friendship between Izzy and George in Grey's Anatomy. You have a wonderful way with your words.please keep them coming.

  5. beautifully written +Dr Sneha Rahatekar, BTW why greys anatomy ? Why Izzy and George?

    1. grey's depicts every possible situation a person can be!! and izzie and george because they made their friendship last despite of their mistakes together!