My Encouragement!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Broken And Bruised!!

Broken, bruised and wounded,
I stare at those closed walls.
I scream to get help
but I get none at all.

I cry in silence
and I cry out loud
Nothing seems to end this pain
No one seems to hear my shout.

I confide in the wrong
Get hurt over and over again
Nothing to soothe the aching heart
No one to ease my pain.

I look at my wrist
And i look at the knife
And i think won't it be easy to end it all
Yet i can't, I got to stand up
I got to win this fight i lost.



  1. This shows the courage to stand against all odds.
    This should be the spirit!

  2. Loved the optimism showed at last! Beautifully penned Sneha!

  3. that should be the spirit of life.nice composition

  4. Quite painful and at the same time strong lines ! a good write -up .. and well portrayed feeling of pain and the quest for fight of odds!

  5. Really painful and very very strong lines that make my nerve wreck, I m just shivering after reading this. You penned marvelously. I am impressed by your writing skills.

  6. Wounds and bruises are an integral part of life, I guess. Thank god the knife didn't tempt any further and the resolve wins...

    1. the resolve should always win.. wounds and bruises are just a part of life

  7. Life will throw many stones at us but it is upto us how we tackle it and come out with all smiles and optimism.

    Writing on the go

  8. Love is a mixture of pain and happiness...nice poem.

  9. "Yet i can't, I got to stand up
    I got to win this fight i lost."
    Best said......

  10. This reminds me of every medicine exam i've given. entrance or otherwise!