My Encouragement!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

If You Can't let Me Go

If you still think of me
even after hundred efforts to drive me out,
If you accept you misbehaved
and may be one apology mite get it sort,
If that heart of yours looses the rhythm
when someone takes my name,
If You know where to to find me,
If You know without me
that life of yours makes no sense.

If you can't stop missing me
and no one else can light up your face,
If my voice still rings those cords of love,
If you think one phone call can get me back to you,
If you think you still have to give me a hard time,
If your mind still
can't let go off my smile.

If you are trying to move on
and something pulls you back again,
If you try hard not to bother
and all attempts end in vain,
If you are tired of the battles
you fought to keep me out,
If you know you are a liar,
If you know i can still love you any way,
then take a stand and call me back
and say 'you are sorry'
Make a fight to get me besides you
and say ' give me your worries'

Once take our fight in your hands
and say that you need me
If you ever have a heart to come back
run,yell and shout to make me forgive.
Just for once stand up for me
Just for once don't let me stand alone..


  1. Excellent one.I can relate to it.
    True relations are like that. We cant let it go off. However delicate the thread be, we still hold on just because we dont wana miss the person...

    First time to your blog. Loved the space. Gudluck

    1. exactly ashitha!! u have a very different nice name :)

  2. Awesome. Its like a Bon Jovi song :)

  3. Beautiful one Sneha!..Reflects the true feelings of every person. If a person loves a person wholeheartedly it isn't that easy to let go!

    1. letting go is the worst.. when you know it could be perfect and still you have to let go!

  4. Greetings from California. What a great poem. Poignant. It reminds me of Alanis Morrisette where you capture universal feelings in such a personal way. Words are like art in how they can be so precise in capturing the human experience.
    I write a blog about foo. But with my thoughts on relationships, friends and family. Please stop by and visit. Maybe follow. That would be cool.

  5. huge compliment.. thank u so much :)

  6. gr8 Sneha...u put in ur thoughts so correctly n artistically...each n every poem of urs is correlating wid my life 2... u knw