My Encouragement!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

His Ways Ruined Her!

He Was Unemployed.
Thought He, She'd Have A Better Life Without Him.
She Suffered, "There is no Life to her Life without him."

He pushed her away.
Thought he "His being will get her unhappiness."
She suffered, " His absence every step can never get her to smile again."

He pretended he didn't care.
Thought He "It will make her hate his guts."
She Suffered, "If Only He would have ended this in a Better way."

He left at a sudden.
He ruined her beliefs for a lifetime.
She Suffered in His Silence.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

I Sailed Through!

With the breaks and turn off's
With the disappointments and the run off's
With the lifeless moments and endless pain
Finally today i call myself free

I stand on this brighter side
I stand on this achievers club
I stand on this golden edge
I stand on this mellow hub.

Struggling for love and struggling for life
making all last; you and my career
when you bailed every turn you got
and tried every way to keep you in life.

But you left alright no matter what
you left when i needed you the most
You said 'I am more worried about me than you"
and you said "You don't care how i fare"

So i fought for myself alone
carrying your pain and your hurtful words
I sailed success through and through
and i sailed to make my dreams come true.
I saw you alone and disappointed.
I saw you failing, eventually defeated.

I still at times want to share my joy with you
I still at times want to be there for you
But you couldn't be with me in my bad days
So You have no rights to be in my good ones either.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


I entered the room
and saw him waiting. 
He caught me
in those arms to hug me tight
I said the weather is hot and am sweaty. 
He pretended he didn't listen
He pretended to ignore
He held me more close and he got my lips
He kissed as if he had waited for ages
He kissed as if i meant him his world.

I lay there in his arms
I lay there in peace
I lay there watching him sleep
and every other moment when he caught me awake
he held me more close and said baby fall asleep.

Monday, May 6, 2013

He said I promised her a life.

He said 'I have to be with her.
If i don't go, she might not
keep faith in anyone again'.

He said 'I need to hold her hand
If i don't, she might make herself so strong
to not let anyone be close again'.

He said 'I made her fall in love with me.
If i undid that, she won't
believe in fairy tales having a forever'.

He said 'I need to stand by her.
If today i back out, she won't
even look at me not today not ever'.

He said 'I know she can make it on her own.
I know she is that strong.
but i want to be there to catch if she falls.

He said 'I promised her a Life.
I promised her Me.
If i don't stay when she needs me the most
Tell me, What kind of  a Man i be?