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Saturday, May 25, 2013

His Ways Ruined Her!

He Was Unemployed.
Thought He, She'd Have A Better Life Without Him.
She Suffered, "There is no Life to her Life without him."

He pushed her away.
Thought he "His being will get her unhappiness."
She suffered, " His absence every step can never get her to smile again."

He pretended he didn't care.
Thought He "It will make her hate his guts."
She Suffered, "If Only He would have ended this in a Better way."

He left at a sudden.
He ruined her beliefs for a lifetime.
She Suffered in His Silence.


  1. Nice composition. Suffering in silence is what many of us do.

  2. emotions well expressed .anticipations spoil possibilities and so nicely it has been penned down by you Dr Sneha !! Thumbs Up !! Apt verse !!

  3. If this is not about the quiet and everlasting flow of love, who has ever loved? A brilliant piece indeed.

  4. Nice emotional poem.. Meaningless silence can kill.
    Dropping by: Writing on the go

  5. Interestingly woven. Silence at times pierces more than a dagger.

  6. Touching poem Sneha! Though he left her, He's also feeling the same pain of separation!

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