My Encouragement!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

I Sailed Through!

With the breaks and turn off's
With the disappointments and the run off's
With the lifeless moments and endless pain
Finally today i call myself free

I stand on this brighter side
I stand on this achievers club
I stand on this golden edge
I stand on this mellow hub.

Struggling for love and struggling for life
making all last; you and my career
when you bailed every turn you got
and tried every way to keep you in life.

But you left alright no matter what
you left when i needed you the most
You said 'I am more worried about me than you"
and you said "You don't care how i fare"

So i fought for myself alone
carrying your pain and your hurtful words
I sailed success through and through
and i sailed to make my dreams come true.
I saw you alone and disappointed.
I saw you failing, eventually defeated.

I still at times want to share my joy with you
I still at times want to be there for you
But you couldn't be with me in my bad days
So You have no rights to be in my good ones either.


  1. We need to hold a hand when we sail through hard time. I could very well perceive that you don't have such a hand in bad times and you don't want it when it is offered while it shines. Nice poetry.

  2. walking alone on bunchy roads is not that easy.. but, eventually, it becomes the major inspiration for your success, in the long run.. well penned..:)

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  4. I remember feeling this way and I find it hard , still, to forgive the person who made me feel this.
    This post made me smile, reminds me of the positive side of the internet which is when we help each other out and remind each other not to give up

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