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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Pictures

She glanced at those pictures
in whom she couldn't hide her smile
thought she of those moments
so happy they seemed all while..

She couldn't help but wonder
What made them drift so apart
Why did they let the distance
ruin their hearts in two parts..

She never understood
how could he be so okay
She never understood
why he never called her back..

It hurt day in and day out
His words, his actions
and everyday she woke up in despair
She cried a million tears
It wasn't at all fair...

Of all the people she thought would leave
She believed he would stay,
Of all the people she thought mattered less
he mattered more than life..
He was her pride, and he was her smile
and now he betrayed her existence..

She glanced at those happy pictures
her heart ached to death..
Give me a way she said to him
Give me a way to forget you
Give me a way to ease this pain.
If ever we cross a path
Don't you stop and say "Love me again".

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Marriage Material..

He was the one guy who in midst of all her doubts gave answers that made her smile. She didn't know how much element of truth it had in it. But it lightened up her mood, made her focus and pulled her out of her misery. He was that one friend she really loved and was glad to have him a part of her life.
                  The day had been tough on her and all that past of hers took a toll on her thoughts. She felt this burden as if she was the one at fault every time. She knew this fall out wasn't her fault. But it seemed to happen quite frequent to her despite all the efforts she put. Somewhere it made her doubt herself. She sent him a text out of blue.

She asked "Am i marriage material?".
"Why this question? and what the hell is marriage material. You are human. Not a material." he texts back.
"Just asking" she said.
He seemed angry. "Idiot. Sitting idle and thinking all crap. That brain of yours." he replied.
"Calm down. Just thoughts hovering over my head. Was wondering if i'd keep him happy cause as of now my life has history of fall outs i don't seem to understand." she replied with a heavy heart.
"You keep everyone happy" he replied. "Even now. So after marriage it will be the same thing. You are a good person sweets. You can't hurt anyone".
She smiled. "I love you so much" she said.
"I was just typing the same words. Love you too my dear". He replied. "Only if wasn't for these circumstances i would have married you myself. Never would have given anyone else a chance."
"I know" she said. "I wish" she said.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Its Like Love But Not Love

Its like love but its not love
When i be in his arms and
i think about you...

Its like love but its not love..
When he makes me smile
but you could make me laugh...

Its like love but its not love
When he kisses me gently and
all could think about is your lips..

Its like love but not love
When he flirts around
but only your words caught my ears..

Its like love but not love
When he makes me angry and i forgive
but at you i could yell...

Its like love but not love
When he holds me in his arms
but only in yours i felt complete...

Its like love but not love
When he is around always
and all i can do is not miss you less..

Its like love but not love
When he plays me a song
and i remember the one we hummed together..

Its like love but not love
When he holds the umbrella for me
and i think about the times i didn't need one with you..

Its like love but not love
When he cuddles me in the moonlight
and i hope its you holding me instead..

Its like love but not love..
cause i can't love anymore...
cause love is so many things
and for me you were all of them!

Rusty Petals (Haiku)

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Seems To Have More Life.....