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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Pictures

She glanced at those pictures
in whom she couldn't hide her smile
thought she of those moments
so happy they seemed all while..

She couldn't help but wonder
What made them drift so apart
Why did they let the distance
ruin their hearts in two parts..

She never understood
how could he be so okay
She never understood
why he never called her back..

It hurt day in and day out
His words, his actions
and everyday she woke up in despair
She cried a million tears
It wasn't at all fair...

Of all the people she thought would leave
She believed he would stay,
Of all the people she thought mattered less
he mattered more than life..
He was her pride, and he was her smile
and now he betrayed her existence..

She glanced at those happy pictures
her heart ached to death..
Give me a way she said to him
Give me a way to forget you
Give me a way to ease this pain.
If ever we cross a path
Don't you stop and say "Love me again".


  1. You said an entire story through that poem!

  2. Ahh!! That's heart-breaking! Being ignored by the person we love! Lovely poem Sneha!

  3. If ever we cross a path...really nice poem Sneha :)

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