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Monday, July 8, 2013

Getting Over!

"In the back seat of his car" she said to her friend. "I can't believe this. I can't believe myself. When did i become this shallow and messed up?" she couldn't stop rambling.
Her friend started laughing. "Car ! Backseat!" she almost yelled. "Whoa!".
"Stop it. Listen to me." she said to her friend. "Its been just three months. Three months from this break up of a long relationship. And look at me." Her voice almost sounded choked.
 "I am listening to you. I am. I have seen you through that relationship. I have seen you spending lonely nights. I have seen you crying almost everyday. I have seen how hard he had made the entire past year for you. And now if you can breathe free, you can be out there and feel good, please do. You owe it yourself" her friend made her point.
" I wasn't like this. I wasn't this person i have become" she still couldn't get the hold of herself.
"As long as you aren't playing with anybody's emotions honey. You are alright." her friend continued. I don't want you miserable and sad. Whatever helps in getting you over him and back to life, am fine with it. Am here to just make sure you don't get yourself into any trouble. Till then just have fun. So tell me, tell me what happened in the back seat? I am dying to know."
She laughed. "We kissed" she said.
"And?" her friend almost so curious.
"And nothing. We just kissed." she replied.
"How did it all start?" her friend asked.
"Well i should thank the movie we went to see. We got to holding hands and you know the stuff." she said.
"Oh, the stuff! Right! and then? her friend asked.
"And then one thing let to another. Before i knew we were kissing in his car." she almost blushed narrating this.
"So how was the kiss?" her friend asked.
"Long, long and french." she exhaled a deep puff of air as she remembered the damp closed car with raindrops on the window panes. "Just amazing. I had forgotten what it was to get butterflies in the stomach. And now i don't seem to remember why!".


  1. If you have a bad memory then you can always forget, but if there is a good memory that remains intertwined, then it gets very difficult to forget that...

  2. kept me guessing !! :) nice work !