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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Her One Mistake

He said she was the best thing that happened to him, she was a great girlfriend and that she would be an amazing wife. He said the only reason he survived his past five years was because of her and that the only time God was fair to him was when he brought her in his life. He said he missed her on their anniversary and that he wanted to call but he couldn't do get himself to dial her number. He said a lot of things and still in the end he said he had to go with his family and his career.
                      She sat there feeling like a fool. She listened so quietly to everything he said. She so wanted to yell. She was so angry. She wanted him to know the load of pain he was making her go through and how much of her he had already destroyed. She wanted to say a lot of things, yell, curse and pour out all the anger she had silenced in her but she couldn't. Instead she just listened to all his excuses, all his good words and his jokes and all she could think of is how much she missed him. How much important he was for her and yet even after so much drama she thought of him every passing second. The time when he said 'Sorry' and hung up the phone she sat alone in front of the mirror thinking she had been such a fool. He knew it all along. He played her all along and she realized it so very late. She thought of all those good times, every single one of them and then she thought 'Was that all drama? Pointless emotions who later were gonna choke her every breath'. She looked at herself and she looked at those countless tears trickling down her cheeks and she felt her heart being squeezed, being smothered. He was so alright. Even when he was speaking to her she realized he had already accepted that she wasn't a part of his life anymore and so gently he had planned the whole conversation. And with so many kind words he swiftly pulled her out of his life. She felt so much of a fool. He said to her please remember our good times too and she laughed at that sentence in her head. The good times she thought. She must have been hallucinating, thinking this was it. He was it.
                  She found herself on the ground, lying with the phone next to her. She wished she could just lie like this forever. She felt everything, everyone moving with so much pace and that she was stuck, not knowing where to go, whom to trust, how to move on. She felt so alone. If she was so good she thought then why didn't he fight for her? Why was it so easy for him to move on and why was she only the one feeling empty inside?
                 She was lost. Lost in a world where love didn't matter, no matter how good you be, goodness didn't matter. He left and she was broken in half. One half reminding her how well he played her all way through and other half reminding her that she had to live with this betrayal and regret that she had chosen him for the rest of her life.


  1. wow.........
    it hurts.......and its better to be hurt instead of dragging things..... :(

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  3. heart-breaks are always painful.
    but then, it's better to move on to a better life than to be stuck in past and hurting yourself even more :)
    as they say, whatever happens, happens for best :)