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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Night O Night Fade Away

I can't complain... I can't breathe.. I can't smile.. I can't live.. And yet i go on.. Walking on a pathless way.. Walking on a love tomb.. She Thought .... With this dark night comes in our good memories and they shadow my smile to wish we never had met.....She Thought . She buries her Head in the pillow 
and cries the night 
hoping it would smother her 
by accident Cold weary night it is.. she thought As cold as his promises.. She Thought...
She looks out the window.. There are dead soles wishing for life..  
and the living souls are 
breathing as the dead.... She Thought She couldn't hold his thoughts away.. 
How can a planned lifetime be forgotten in days... She Thought Move on they tell her.. 
She laughs.. 
Be at my place..hold my pain See how it feels.. She Thought.. This night o night fade away.. I sleep with no love..  
I wake up with no life.. She Thought


  1. amazing !! simply superb !

  2. 'I wake up with no life', it's very touching.An inexplicable feeling of pain that meanders through the poetry adds beauty to it.

  3. I love dark nights that bring in good memories.

    Interesting poem.

  4. very touching...Be at my place..hold my pain
    See how it feels is what I always want to tell people who are around me. Loved the poem

  5. The words seem to groan, though in the language of poetry. The words are superb indeed!