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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Romantic Rendezvous

"Its so green out" he said
"Let me make you a cup of tea" said I.
He held my hand and pulled me close
Dare you step away from me he cried.

So i sat there cuddled up in his arms
and we watched the clouds shedding by.
We looked at two birds hiding in the tree
"Aren't We the same my Love" he spieled.

He smelled my hair,
He kissed my cheeks,
Gently Oh so gently! he reached my lips,
He locked them with mine so soft and brief.

We stared at the sky and falling drops
and we made boats and ran them down the streams.
He made me take a walk in rain
I felt this is a deceptive dream.

I let him love me the way he wanted
I never questioned his silliness the day
A romantic unexpected rendezvous it was
Clasped in his arms i walked the rains.


  1. awwww - so sweet and romantic. You really evoked the mood of rainy day love, walking in the rain.

  2. Hi Sneha - was looking for an About page to find out something about you. Your blog design is beautiful and so appropriate for the kind of blog you write.

  3. Nice compilation.Feel like am touched by a rain drop.

  4. simple and beautiful, it made a refreshing read:)

  5. The serenity and unique emotions and thoughts in romance ..fabulously expressed !!