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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Strange And Unusual !!

" I need to be in your arms" I said to him. "I need to breakdown and cry this night."
He looked at me. He kissed my forehead and he said "Honey come into my arms but not to cry. Whats the point if you cry in my arms too. When you lie here with me, i want you to smile."
                  I just laid there comfortably rolled in those perfect arms clenched perfectly around me, listening to those perfect heartbeats. I looked at him and looked into his eyes, his mesmerizing possessive black eyes staring down at me. I asked "What?". He said nothing, kissed my forehead and held me more tight. I loved to lay in his arms like this. I could be anything anyone in front of him and i knew i wouldn't be questioned or judged.  He was my greatest comfort zone. He would listen to me whine, tolerate me cranky. He would say the sweetest softest and the most romantic words when i'd wanna hear. I wondered what was this unshakeable bond, this free happy attachment to him. I lay there thinking held in his arms so close so comfortable. I noticed he was still staring down at me. I asked him again "What?" He had that stupefying enchanting smile of his. All he said was "Forget him". I still had an ocean of tears hoarded. I still had to explain him the pain i was in. But it seemed he already knew. He was there watching me all along all these years.
              The lights went dim and in the darkness i felt his hands brushing my hair. He kissed my forehead again. A bit longer this time and he said "The pain will pass off. And I am here ." "Is this normal?" I asked myself. But i didn't care. I was happily cuddled up in his arms, protected from the pain. After what seemed a million years finally I slept at peace listening to the soft beats of my best friend.



  1. Beautiful and sweet story! reminded the quote

    "Take time to love her, or someone else who has more time will come along and take her off your hands."

  2. I felt like I was reading one of my stories. The same words. The same comfort. Loved it :)

  3. beautifully expressed the peace of being in the surrounding of the one who loves the most !!

  4. Well Narrated .. enjoyed the read ..

  5. that was sweet.. Love is cute :)
    It's really sweet when someone understands everything you want to say even when you haven't spoken a word :)