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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Best friends Conversation 2

"You said no to marry me. How dare you?" she clobbered him in a corner.

"What?"  he almost screamed "Marry You?".

"Your parents came to my house, asked  my hand to my folks. They said they will break off your current engagement because they know their son will be happy with me. So everything goes so smoothly, the engagement date is fixed. All the arrangements done. Suddenly you come to me and you say 'I don't love you. I won't be able to love you and that I want to call off this engagement. How dare you?" she yelled.

"And when did all this happen?" he asked her politely.

"Well in my dreams" she replied. " But how dare you say no to me even if its in my dream?" she made her sad little face.

He laughed so hard.

"You are insane. I will never do that. I will be the most happiest person if we get engaged." he said getting her close in his arms."I love you too much to ever say no to you."

"Yeah, I know that. Sad you are getting married to someone else though. We could have been a perfect couple ." she brushed his hair.

"Hey how about an extra marital affair? We can always do that" he asked her.

She laughed. "Your wife better like me. You know how it is with the girls and me especially when they are my best friend's girl friend.. There is a big history of they ending up not liking me."

"Oh, she has too." he said.

"We will see about that. You guys all change. You obey their orders like under some evil spell" she said.

"Hey i have known you for more than ten years. You have been there when were in junior college playing truth or dare, when i broke up with a wicked witch, was jobless. You spent hours talking to me when i had nothing to do just to give me company. You were always there. So if she can't understand this, she my dear won't understand me" he said.

"Not as much as you were. What would i have done without you in these last two horrible years? I owe you so much" she said. "As long as she doesn't eat your head am okay."

"I love you" he said.

"I love you too. Just let me get married first please." she said

"I will try. That fellow who ever he will be has to undergo a lot of surveillance. He better watch out" he said.

"Just don't scare him off. I wanna get married some day." she laughed.


  1. Keep me hooked till the end.

    Engaging post well written.


  2. Good one. I was hooked till the end :)

  3. nice ! and intresting to read keep writing do visit my blog

  4. Whoaa lovedd the postt ! Was just wondering if this post is a sequel ? The title is best freinds conversation "2" there has to be 1 too right ? if yes , then please post the link , i tried searching through your blog archive but you have wayy too many posts (which is awesome , by the way! ) Looking forward to more such amaazing posts ! kudos :)

  5. do you know my life?
    why does it sound like my story?