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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Miserable In Her Own Way

She hears her own words
cause he started the story and forgot to finish it...
She makes her self smile
cause he once made her laugh and left her with ocean of tears...
She keeps herself busy
cause doing nothing haunts her mind with his thoughts...
She lives with no emotions..
She lives for reasons she doesn't understand....
She misses him to no extent
Neither can she live with him
nor can she live without him....


  1. Sad and touching, you reflected the pain through poem beautifully Sneha!

  2. It feels killing when you are the one left behind..It hurt like someone has planted an acid rivulet inside you! Beautiful poem.

  3. Very sensitive and heart wrenching.....Its story of almost all love stories....

    good writing with simple words in a straight forward way

  4. cant live with nor without..the bitter truth...poignant writing

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  6. Only one word for this.. awesome...