My Encouragement!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Vows and Promises

So now i am starting over..
and i hear all these new promises..
I smile unknowingly at your genuine vows...
thinking should i tell "I have already heard all these?"

I have been in love so deep
I have been head over heels
I have been promised true love
I have been deceived...

So when you are pledging for a forever
Let me tell you they don't last..
All i need is you to commit
and hold on when life seems to fall apart...

So be with me as if each day and every hour
you feel you are destined to be with me...
As if you and i can't be different souls..
As if not finding me around makes everything less worth..
and even with differences i can count on your every word..

I promise i will love you like no one has ever...
I promise nothing will be extinguished or forgotten..
As long as you will live i will be in your arms..
Just make me believe there can be a forever...

So now am starting over..
Starting over with you...
Praying silently You be 'the one'
who keeps his promises...
You be 'the one'
i have been searching all these years...
You be 'the one' whose heart aches to see me in tears...


  1. It is hard to find that one, but worth the struggle :) Welcome back after so long!

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