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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I Promised Myself.

She smiled at him from a distance "Sorry" she said "Too much traffic." "Looking at how stunning you look right now, i wouldn't mind waiting more."he said. She blushed and they were off with their conversation. "Can i ask you something personal? It may be too early you know. You can refuse to answer if you have a problem with it." she asked. "Go ahead." he said. "Well, you know i have been going through your Facebook profile. Don't mind. It seems there was someone in your life right? What happened?" she asked. He sat there quiet not looking into her. She was waiting patiently, giving him the time to make his decision whether he should come clean.
                        "Yes. I did. I really loved her." he said. "But we have said our goodbyes. I am leaving it all behind." "That's good" she said undisturbed "Just tell me what went wrong?" "My family didn't support me on this." he answered. "So you just left her?" she questioned him. "I had to. I had no choice." he said. "You always always have a choice"her voice raised. "How does it matter now? I told you i am leaving it all behind."
                        She sat there unmoved, stunned, praying he'd not be that guy. But he was 'that guy'. "That's it. Just like that you left her." she said. "It was an easy decision, wasn't it." "Why do you care so much about the past? he asked. "Yes oh dear. I care. I care because i know how it feels to be in that position. Because i know how it feels to be abandoned by reasons that make no sense. Because i know how it feels to be left out bleeding when he takes a decision to side by his family or shitty lame excuse of some career and not you. I have been there my dear in that exact same situation and i have been hurt. So don't ask me why i care? I care cause i promised myself i would find me a person who would commit, who would know when to stand by me. I promised myself i am not gonna destroy myself to another coward, to another run away. I promised myself i would find myself that one person on whom i could fall not having to doubt if he'd be there to catch me. I know my worth. I know i am worth a lot, that i am a good person and i didn't deserve this crap in the first place. I promised myself i am not going to let that happen to me again. So dear just tell me if you couldn't fight for that one best person you actually truly loved, how the hell do you expect me to believe you will ever fight for the next best thing? and she left the scene.    


  1. Nice...but hurt someone.......

  2. Bitter reality, looked like a real conversation to me!

  3. To leave someone to whome you had promised that "You will never leave" is very hard decision to make but understand that if other person broke relationship commitments still you try to be with that person & gave chances again n again still nothing comes out other than 3 words... you have to make that decision ...we dont have eternal life & each person deserve to be blessed with "Commitments forever" with 3 words in our small period of life. :)

  4. Really complicated world. Its hard to understand any one's state of mind.