My Encouragement!!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Choosing Not To Live

So here I stand divided
watching them fight over me.
And I stand dumb
as their words tear apart my soul
and I think will not death be sweeter than
this hanging sword.

So I stand here listening to their curses
how in every way I am wrong
how in every way I have betrayed.
I see them cry a million tears
and I think what if I close my eyes say forever
and this pain will somehow go away.

So here I stand exhausted, confused, broken
tired of proving myself every step till date.

All I want is a bit of rest.
All I ask is a road bit less of thorns.
All I ask is to let me find some peace.
All I ask is to let me live.
or let me die with a smile at least.


  1. Nice to know Doctors are creative too. Simply well written.

    I'm assuming this poem is about someone who's being judged by many people for something 'wrong' that she supposedly did. I think it'll be nice to explain your poems in a postscript, so that all your readers can appreciate your work.

    Do drop by mine. I write short stories, twisted stories, humor, poems, sociopolitical stuff and more.


  2. Very nice poem.Each line is good. Very touchy.