My Encouragement!!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

What I think of you...!!!!

He asked 'Do you think of me?'

Once a while
I do think how are you?
Probably pick up the phone to call you.
Then I remind myself,
It has taken me a lifetime to give up on you,
It has cost me everything to undo the love.
I have taken overmuch efforts
to get you out of my system.
And yes I resent you.
And yes I openly hate you.
So I give up that thought
And remind myself you are not worth it.
You are not worthy of a single thought.
You are not worthy of a single tear.
You are just not worth at all.
And yes I pity the one who will be with you next.
Cause I have known you the closest.
And knowing you in and out I know
how destructive you can be to someone.
I know what a coward, commitment less person you are.
And to what extent of a jerk you can be.
So yes I do think of you my dear
But never for the good times we had.
I will and always remember you in
words with no love.
In words so bitter and ruthless.
Cause you are not capable dear.
You are not capable of love.
And you can not make a home.
All you can do is destroy it for someone....