My Encouragement!!

Monday, November 28, 2016


Nothing  existed today
and everything existed all at once.
The deafening silence of the sea
questioned the noise in my life.
The hustle seemed of no value
when you stare at this vastness.
Who am I? What am I?
A minute from everything I spared,
and no answers came.
The waves so calm and calling
a thought comes,
Should I just surrender?

The clear starry sky
Never had I known so much peace.
Never knew the world could exist
this way.
The nothingness was like existence
and existence seemed nothing.
I was sad, sad that it took 28 years to realise
life could just be nothing
and nothing would be okay.
But I know this feeling would
just last for this moment,
and tomorrow existence will come in play
and nothingness will be gone
hoping to be found again..........