My Encouragement!!

Friday, December 22, 2017

You miss me... I get that....

You miss me...
I get that...
From your small texts,
From your random how are you...

I know for a fact,
You try to search for me in her..
to connect with me in her..
And disappointment is all you receive...
I get that..

You feel empty..
You try to find that bit of soul
That would bring you the happiness
You felt when you were with me...
I get that....

You miss me...
I get that....
From all you do knowingly
Souls once connected,
Carry their RUST forever...
To find new partners
But never the connection...

Us; you and me
We are different..
I let go of past long back
And accepted the future..
You let go of present before
And now are stuck in past...
Hoping your present
Carries a ounce of peace
What your past had... 

You wish you could undo
My hatred
You wish you could turn time
To undo what you made wrong..
All cause you didn't know then
What you'd get would
Not even be close to what you had..

You miss me..
I get that..
I really do...
But there is nothing either
One of us can do about it...

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Random thought- haiku

I saw you today
In broken hearts ,
Crooked smiles
And rusty petals......

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Random thought

Love is just so simple.
People have this idea of how love is,
And complicate it.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Over a period of time

And may be over a period of time
I will be able to make peace.
The longing of solitude will be
Replaced by a will to be together.

May be over a period of time
I will be able to crack my doubts
The self loathing will be
Replaced by self confidence.

May be over a period of time
I will be able to see,
The fiction over confused scenarios
Replaced by healthy truths.

May be over a period of time
I will be able to be content.
The constant urge prove myself
Replaced by accepting come what may.

May be over a period of time
I will be able to stop for a while.
The need to always go somewhere
The need to always do something
The need to constantly make a difference
The need to do it at one go
The need to not be a failure
The need to be doing it all
Replaced by just the need to be....
Be happy
Be average
Be healthy
Be living

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Unexpected Rains...

Rains..  He said..  I love rains...
Me a bundle of joy then
Joined his conquest...
We found ourselves a garden
We found ourselves a bench..
Soaking wet..  He held my hand
And He said I love rains...
Shivering and cold I replied
I love them if you love them..
We sat there listening to
Chatter of tiny rain drops...
Silent as we were
He always taught me to love nature..
We found a puddle
A Cliche -  yes we both jumped in it
Like toddlers...
He said again I love Rains...
And I smiled..  I said
I love them if you love them..
He held my cold body and spoke
'Then may be you should love yourself too'...
I smiled again.. 
The first Indirect I love you..
I blushed for days to come...
It was a beautiful day..
And till today I for a brief second
I Love these unexpected rains..
They remind me of simpler times,
Innocent love...
The Rains...  I no more adore them...
But everytime they sprinkle unexpectedly
I flash back to this  sweet moment ..
Some memories crash back
The garden...  The rains..  The puddle..
And you. 

Love and lust

I walked towards him
With lust only I could feel..
Taking his hand in mine, 
I embraced dancing to his own
Heart beat...
I looked at him
And I could see it
The burning love in his eyes..
A part of his that fired in me
Love is all that prevailed
And lust is out of sight......

Saturday, November 18, 2017


Oh you lucky wind
You get to sway
You get to mellow
You get to ripple the shore
All being Invisible

Oh you dead spirits
You get to be cold
You get to impose fear
You get to make noises
All being Invisible

If only you'd give me the power
To Sway and be cold
To mellow and yet impose fear
To noise up the shore
All being invisible.

What I'd not give to be infinite
To be present and not felt
To be aloof and not dealt
To be alone and yet be content

Invisible my new love
I don't need this hustle
I need to be you
One in me, one in my soul
Leaning into your visibility,
As Invisible as I can be.

Monday, November 6, 2017

A paragraph

Her inner peace bedazzled me.  In the midst of chaos,  I saw her gazing into nothingness.  I fell in love with her calmness, her willingness to give into time as if it had no value.  If only she'd hold my hand and let me gather her emptiness. I would keep her to me.  The vastness of her smile,  I could die looking at it.  She represented purity, a soul so fresh and raw. She was beyond beautiful. Mesmerized I sat there meditating, trying to reach my soul,  holding it in my hand and offering it to her.  I gave her my soul; for I wanted what she had, she had herself.

Saturday, October 21, 2017


May be for a fortnight
Peace come to my doorstep.
Give me a day where I feel
I am not indebted to anyone,
A day where I could be imperfect,
A day where I don't wear the mask
To please everyone.

May be for a night
Peace come to my doorstep.
Give me a night
Where I sleep with no burden
On my chest,
A night not contemplating
My doings- right or wrong.
A night of no dreams teasing
Me with my subconscious worries.

May be for a day
Peace come to my doorstep.
Give me a day when I can just
Blurt out my true anger.
A day where I don't ignore
Others stupidity.
A day when I prioritize myself.

Peace if you can here me
For once come into my life
And bless my mind with serene
And pleasant silence.
Bless me with no ties,
No expectations to prove,
No bonds to hold.

Peace don't come as death...
Just for once come as life....

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Let Go

To live is to let go
and to let go is to learn to live without;
To adjust, To smile,
To find what has been lost,
To feel complete in the incomplete.

We manipulate emotions
We get used to the mediocre
because this mediocre is safe
No more to burn fingers in
chasing wild deep turmoil of emotions

What once felt cannot be felt again.
What once ruined your sanity
has made you a saint thereafter
You get past your insanity
and seek to find what was missing before.

But the before always haunts
The failures always prick.
The 'What If'' never seem to fade.
What did not happen this life time
You hope to connect in the next.

But there are only so many
'What If's' one can find answers too.
The rest you got to let go
and to let go is to live without.
Then there is no peace to the soul
cause at times what you let go
is life itself...!!!!!!!!!