My Encouragement!!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Let Go

To live is to let go
and to let go is to learn to live without;
To adjust, To smile,
To find what has been lost,
To feel complete in the incomplete.

We manipulate emotions
We get used to the mediocre
because this mediocre is safe
No more to burn fingers in
chasing wild deep turmoil of emotions

What once felt cannot be felt again.
What once ruined your sanity
has made you a saint thereafter
You get past your insanity
and seek to find what was missing before.

But the before always haunts
The failures always prick.
The 'What If'' never seem to fade.
What did not happen this life time
You hope to connect in the next.

But there are only so many
'What If's' one can find answers too.
The rest you got to let go
and to let go is to live without.
Then there is no peace to the soul
cause at times what you let go
is life itself...!!!!!!!!!