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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Unexpected Rains...

Rains..  He said..  I love rains...
Me a bundle of joy then
Joined his conquest...
We found ourselves a garden
We found ourselves a bench..
Soaking wet..  He held my hand
And He said I love rains...
Shivering and cold I replied
I love them if you love them..
We sat there listening to
Chatter of tiny rain drops...
Silent as we were
He always taught me to love nature..
We found a puddle
A Cliche -  yes we both jumped in it
Like toddlers...
He said again I love Rains...
And I smiled..  I said
I love them if you love them..
He held my cold body and spoke
'Then may be you should love yourself too'...
I smiled again.. 
The first Indirect I love you..
I blushed for days to come...
It was a beautiful day..
And till today I for a brief second
I Love these unexpected rains..
They remind me of simpler times,
Innocent love...
The Rains...  I no more adore them...
But everytime they sprinkle unexpectedly
I flash back to this  sweet moment ..
Some memories crash back
The garden...  The rains..  The puddle..
And you. 

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