My Encouragement!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Precious unpredictable life they say,
Living, awake and breathing I say ,
Where is your soul they ask,
Lost trying to live I say..
Lost trying to stay awake I say..
Lost trying to breathe I say...

Millions of life I see
How many carry their souls in harmony I ask,
A few they say,
So why did the millions loose it I ask,
We have no answer they say.

I say; No one understands no one...
We loose it all in the end..
Neither the blood relations help
Nor the ones made by choice..
The journey sour or sweet
In a trillion years won't matter..
So why the fuss you make, I ask
To make your tomorrow safe, they say

I laugh, What tomorrow..
I know no tomorrow..
Let me Breathe please just for today..
Let me find my soul I beg..
Life takes a toll
And ultimately we loose..
Please let me loose with dignity..
I say,
You can't, they say..
Why? I ask.
Cause we gave you life they say.

I stare at the absurdity.
Lost I have my soul Yes
But now I loose my life too..
Precious unpredictable as it is..
Goodbye I say to all...

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