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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Q & A

What's your biggest fear? He asked.
Encroachment, I said.
The fear that slowly someone will
take over my life and I will loose myself again.

What you resent the most? He asked.
Dependence, I said.
I resent the thought that I'd not be able to look after myself. Not financially dear. I meant emotionally.

What's your biggest regret? He asked .
Year's ago I didn't ask someone what exactly went wrong. Not that we'd be together. But to acknowledge the other side of this failed story.

What do you despise? He asked.
Attachment, I said.
Nothing good comes out of it. Every person for themselves. People are just companions for the journey called life.

What is your biggest asset? He asked.
Oh a few I have I said.
Perseverance, empathy and patience.
Perseverance cause I never give up. That comes when you believe you are not perfect, and you make mistakes and the fact that you still believe in yourself despite those mistakes.
Empathy as I know I have to give back to the world what it has given me.
Patience as nothing comes easily. Nor money, fame, success, relationships and neither mental peace.

What do you love? He asked.
Me, I said.

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