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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Dramas of love

Of all the dramas I have been
Seeing these few days,
I love the ones where they held
On to their love against all odds.
I still watch it in awe
These scenes the actors enact
Resembling glimpses of true love.
How hypnotized I feel when
They walk at the heels to catch another
Given if they fall.
These little acts of romance
These cheezy lines of enchantment
The jealousy, excitement, fling,
Flirtations.. The story.
They make you fall in love with
The idea of love.
It makes love more believable.
Something even the ordinary
Can Behold
To believe in the naive essence of
What belief and perseverance can get you.

Only if you truly possess the lunacy
you can always persuade
your insanity to the one
Who Makes your heart flutter,
Who makes you wanna wake
Up day after day
And survive the war of loneliness
I see people fight each day.

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