My Encouragement!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Your Absence

So tell me
How it is that your day goes by?
My absence
Has it made any difference?
Giving you a chance to
Live through what I
Have been living for ages...!
But I know
How indifferent you can be.!
It didn't matter then
It won't matter now..
The void will stay
no matter the glamor life carries around..
You haven't missed me
The way I had missed you..!
Every second stabbed the beating
Heart only to bleed and bleed tears..
You will not know the price
I have paid to love you..
Neither will you acknowledge
How the absence takes away
the bits and pieces of soul
Wanting to be rescued,
Only to realize the more I tried
To free myself
The more I sunk in destruction ,
And the less you and your presence

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