My Encouragement!!

Thursday, June 14, 2018


I remember you,
I remember waiting on new years eve
for your call to wish me,
I wanted to start the year listening to your voice..
So I waited and hours passed by
Sun rose and came another day without
Knowing your whereabouts.

If I ask you what you remember of me?
I know you will say all our good times.
If you ask me what I remember about you?
All I remember was me waiting.
From dusk to dawn, day after day
All I remember was me waiting.

It didn't seem to end.
There were times I thought you'd
Just surprise me by your unannounced
I imagined in my head how that would be
So I waited.
There were times when I hallucinated. Staring at your look-a-like faces,
I thought you passed by.
And I cried every day.
Million times my phone rang
And every time I hoped
It was you calling.
But you never did.
So I waited.
Day after day
Months after months.
Every occasion and every normal day.
I waited like a fool.
And you never came.
This is what I remember of you.
It was tiring.
I waited for so long.

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