My Encouragement!!

Monday, July 23, 2018

She mourned with hatred.!

She mourned with hatred
Life wasn't that hard, yet it
just was not interesting anymore.
The scenarios seemed dragged and so
the people around.
Not one made her heart easy,
Not one got her to be at peace.
She wandered with no smile,
comforting that she herself was enough.
May be she was, and so she didn't want
to be with the beings.
It was just so easy that way.
Be responsible for yourself,
Why wasn't it that easy?
Telling people to live by their own
And to leave her alone for a long time.
Why wasn't this easy?
Why do relationships always come with
unnecessary commitments?
She wandered hoping not to be found.
Angry and disappointed
She sat back, as for now this is all
she could do.
Fighting unnecessary pain.
Hoping to live even when it felt
as though she is dying inside.

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