My Encouragement!!

love..lyf.. emotions

we all have r shares in lyf...d saddness,happiness,things dat excite us,things dat make us feel crap... v all want a medium from where v can let go off r emotions... my way is thru my poems..
coz wrds are close to my heart.. n dats how i can express wat thoughts lie deep down..
      dnt mind if u c mre of sad emotions here... coz dats d feeling v dnt wana keep near us... wat better way thn writin thm down n gettin d burden off my shoulders... happiness is never a myth neither is it impossible 2 keep it forever... but wish lyf wud play sch fair games.... love has its sad n happier stories... a honeymoon phase,a trial error phase,compromise phase from wer it can lead to either victory or defeat....